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Correctness you can count on
Correctness you can count on
Reliable blockchain validation and tooling, from Censusworks.

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Censusworks LLC operates blockchain validation services and develops tooling for the reliable operation of blockchain validators.


Censusworks runs geographically-distributed validators spread across the globe to avoid correlated failure. Validators are regularly cycled between regions to avoid dependence on specific hardware deployments.


Censusworks employs extensive monitoring and automation to rapidly identify issues, quickly respond to failure, and to minimize operator intervention to avoid human error.


Censusworks received the highest tier of rewards in the Celo Stake-off and received the Master Validator Seal, reflecting our commitment to reliability.

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Censusworks is running a validator group on the Celo blockchain and actively contributing to the Celo community. We are currently accepting delegated votes at the following group address:


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Instructions on voting for validator groups.

If you'd rather not run the celocli to vote on a group you can use Celovote to automatically distribute your votes across the most reliable validator groups.

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Keep up to date with Censusworks at our Medium blog.


Censusworks team members possess extensive professional experience designing and operating reliable distributed systems.


Foundational academic research in large-scale distributed transaction coordination, network protocols, consensus protocols, and Byzantine Fault Tolerance at MIT.


Team lead for the design and operation of systems storing multiple exabytes of data, serving millions of queries per second, running with zero dataloss and five nines of availability with only small operational teams.


Active engagement in the tech community including contributions to textbooks, defining industry best-practices, mentoring senior engineers, and administering training on how to design and operate reliable distributed systems.

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Censuswork is always active in the Celo #validators Discord channel.

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